When the future you planned, changes plan.

Separation and money

When personal circumstances change, determining what happens next is often the most difficult part. The decision to divorce or separate tends to come with a myriad of question marks around your financial future, and balancing those on top of your emotions is a lot to process at the same time.

A financial adviser can provide guidance for you when it comes to navigating income changes, budget adjustments and financial life goals, as well as help with considerations around your children — if you have them.

Those thinking of separating.

Whether you’re preparing for, or are in the midst of a separation, the process can seem incredibly overwhelming. We’re here to take the pressure off around financial considerations and provide comfort by understanding your exact situation, then create solutions to support you.

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Resist your instinct to get it over and done with as soon as possible. Give yourself the time to consider your options.



There are many facets to a separation and divorce process. Consult resources to help you navigate the steps, here.



Build a team of professionals (read: lawyers and solicitors who specialise in family law and separation and) around you that can help you from a legal point of view.



This one is about making sure you have saved some money to see you through the initial stages of separation.



A strong personal support system can make all the difference. Surround yourself with people that are there for you, and every one of your emotions.

Those who have separated.

Navigating your financial future once the decision to split has been made is equal parts challenge and opportunity. Here’s a list of immediate actions. A financial adviser can help you map out your future while providing guidance around decisions that may impact both your short-term and long-term goals.

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Consider the future you want for yourself (and your children), and identify your short, medium, and long-term goals. Then, we get to work.



It’s likely you’ll have to adjust your budget and get a clear understanding of your expenses. A financial adviser can help you figure this out.



Protecting your assets post settlement is very important. From house to life insurance and income protection, including beneficiaries. The best time to get organised is now.



While tax may not be payable on the assets you split with your partner at the time of separation, considerations around capital gains tax in an eventual sale must be had today to make ramifications equal and fair.



If you have children, it’s practical to consult an estate planning solicitor as soon as possible to prepare a new Will and Power of Attorney and guardianship arrangements.

We’ve collated a complete guide that goes into more detail on the above.
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